Starting a New Semester


Every semester is the same in the beginning, starting with a basic introduction about how you would describe yourself when you probably are only touching the surface of who you really are.

My name is Bridget and I am a fisheries and wildlife double major, if I could study everything I would. I have a passion in conservation and wildlife from growing up in a sport fishing family searching the worlds oceans for world records, this set the stage for my own ambition in conserving the natural resources that were abused by past generations (with knowledge already about the lack of information these generations had, I mean we have a president that denies climate change….). I have three dogs, Odin, Loki, and Freyja and enjoy taking them on hikes and camping, I also boulder, snowboard, and take photos. I find comfort in participating in outdoor activities and exploring new places.

My relationship with art really stems from being introduced to it at a young age by teachers who had to fight for consistent funding for public school funding. I was really drawn to art by Caitlin Hackett and drew my inspiration and interest from her art. her work is slightly dark but speaks volumes on certain topics that are not usually touched on by the main stream art. Caitlin’s style influenced my pieces heavily by using mixed medium like acrylic, watercolor, and ink to create  my own art. Another local artist that I am fond of is Brianna Reagan, managing a local art gallery in town called Venue I was able to get to know the local artists in town and seeing Brianna’s style and dedication to her art really moved me as a viewer of her work. I am lucky to be consistently submerged in art by the locals of fairbanks working at the gallery. I get to not only meet and work with most of the popular artists but see first Fridays before anyone else.

There are many mediums used to portray art today and a form that really moves me is cinematography, below is a link to Rob Strok’s video “A Beautiful Life” which I think is a great example of art.

A Beautiful Life



  1. Loved the video. Awww youth! Those young people obviously haven’t broken as many bones, torn as many ligaments and been hobbled on crutches as much as I have. I don’t jump off cliffs, ski too fast, or rollerblade anymore. But I did play laser tag and drive a go kart last weekend.


  2. Ah. Yes. Well Perhaps we will get some interesting Art out of trying times ahead, if there really are connections between, the times, politics, and Art. Do you still manage the Venue? I have been to at least one First Friday there, and I watched friends perform in the Comedy Night that the Green Room hosted there. You video was very sun drenched and full of sand. I contrast to the picture you posted which instantly captured my attention. I am a fan of the band Mastadon and the picture kind of reminds me of their sound on the Hunter. A feeling of nature ancient and suffering.


  3. Loved the video! I have gone to Hawaii twice and I love it! The video was just breathtaking, the beauty, the surroundings and for me the art,! I am new to the art world, I love looking and observing but I have no idea who is who!


  4. Thats great that you are doing fisheries and wildlife I love that kind of stuff. If i wasn’t doing engineering I probably would of considered that. I also grew up doing outdoors sports but we did more archery hunting so the other side of fishing. The video was very good and I enjoyed watching it.


  5. I love animals, its great your majoring in wildlife conservation and in the future you’ll be out there saving animals because they are also a big part of our survival. I love the video i love to follow Robert Strok’s very adventurous enlightening life of always being out in the outdoors capturing the beauty around all of us that always goes unnoticed. I really enjoyed your post, nice to meet you.

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  6. When I think of art I never think of movies or videos. However, thers in reality ture masterpieces that caputure worldwide audiences. I really like the video you linked to because I spoke volumes without actual words.

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